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WHSC develops new Chainsaw Operator Training Program

WHSC develops new Chainsaw Operator Training Program
Chain Saw Operator is a new WHSC training program designed to equip participants with an understanding of chainsaw features, applicable legislation, hazards, and control measures.
The Program is delivered over six hours, divided between four hours of in-class instruction and two hours of practicum.
The Participant’s Manual is the small booklet style and contains four modules. Participants will engage in an active lecture supported by a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation. They will also complete four worksheets and participate in practical demonstrations.

Module 1

This module begins with an introduction to the chainsaw, its components, how they work and their part names. Participants will be informed of the scope of chainsaw related injuries and look at how and why workers are getting injured using the chainsaw. Inspection, proper chainsaw maintenance, chain tension and chain sharpening are discussed.

Module 2

Chainsaw and the Law introduces participants to the duties of the employer, supervisor and worker; as well as procedures for the right to refuse unsafe work. The definition of a “competent person” is discussed and related to a chainsaw operator. Participants are familiarized with sections of the construction and industrial regulations relevant to chainsaw operations. This module also features an interactive and engaging group worksheet displayed on PowerPoint that will evaluate the participants’ knowledge of health and safety law.

Module 3

This module looks at safety hazards and will inform participants of actual and potential hazards associated with chainsaw operation. Hazards such as sharp chains, noise, vibration, heat, cold stress and tree felling hazards are discussed in this program, along with necessary hazard controls.

Module 4

This module delves into chainsaw operation and discusses the safe work procedures for carrying the chainsaw, making cuts and notches and working with compression and tension forces.

The Practicum

The practicum portion begins with the instructor taking the participants through an inspection of the chainsaw while the participants document the inspection findings in their participant’s manual.
In the second part of the practicum, participants demonstrate proper start-up techniques and how to safely hold the chainsaw. Each participant will have an opportunity to start the chainsaw.
On successfully completing this training program the operator will receive a record of training (ROT).
Editor’s Note:
The Chainsaw Operator program is scheduled for a pilot at the beginning of April, 2014.
It will be available for booking shortly after.