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WHSC Instructor Notes moves to electronic format

WHSC <i>Instructor Notes</i> moves to electronic format
The Workers Health & Safety Centre is dedicated to supplying timely and relevant information to our instructors and constituency. As such you are already the recipient of WHSC Health and Safety E-news and E-bulletins, both of which have proven to be popular resources.
Now as the masthead on this e-mail suggests, it is well time to move Instructor Notes into the electronic age. In the coming days, weeks and months you will receive Instructor E-notes. Like our other electronic publications we will send out significant information as it comes available. Then on a quarterly basis we will send out a round-up of all E-Notes in the event you missed or overlooked some of the information sent.
As in past, these publications will include news of new or updated WHSC training programs, new or amended WHSC policies or procedures affecting program delivery and other resources that will assist instructors in the essential work they do. These resources will include briefing notes aimed at providing instructors the detail they need on issues of the day — details sufficient to answer potential questions that may arise in during the delivery of WHSC programs.
While the move to an electronic publication will facilitate the delivery of information to WHSC-trained instructors, it is our hope it will also facilitate better two way communications, meaning instructors can e-mail comments or questions back and expect to receive a prompt response. It may be that one of our Training Services representatives would be in best position to answer you. In which case, we would forward your note to the appropriate person. On the other hand, you may have suggestions for future E-notes. Either way, we want to hear from you.
Meantime, watch for upcoming E-notes on new changes to existing WHSC training programs like Basic Certification, Federal Committees and Representatives, Workplace Violence and Workplace Investigations.