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WHSC releases new Documenting Health and Safety training program

WHSC releases new Documenting Health and Safety training program
Documenting Health and Safety is a new three-hour training program from the WHSC. The program is designed to provide participants with training and tools that will enable them to accurately and systematically gather and track information important to identifying and resolving workplace health and safety concerns.

The program employs a variety of delivery techniques including active lectures, memory exercises, PowerPoint presentations, brainstorming activities and worksheets in order to fuel discussion about the following six questions:
  • Why is documenting health and safety critical?
  • How many ways are there to document?
  • What specific types of documents should be used?
  • What needs documenting?
  • When should issues be documented?
  • How should documents be organized?

Delivery Techniques

Instructors should prepare, post and cover six flipcharts with above questions before the start of the program. Using PowerPoint slides, they introduce the three forms below and explain how issues are documented, coded, numbered and transferred from one form to another.
  • The inspection checklist
  • The summary report
  • The recommendation form.

Two of the three worksheets included with this program are presented as audio clips embedded in PowerPoint slides. (Instructors will need to attach the supplied speakers to laptops for optimum sound quality.)
With worksheet one, instructors use active lecture and slides to present and discuss information on a sample inspection checklist. They then assign health and safety issues from the checklist to buzz groups, instructing them to complete a summary report and propose controls measures on the recommendation form.
Instructors must stress and ensure participants understand the importance of accurate coding and numbering to the documentation system.
Worksheet two requires participants to listen to an audio-led session (done in two parts) of a work refusal and make notes in their journal. From their notes participants will work in buzz groups to fill out stage one and two of the work refusal form. The instructor will lead a group discussion about their notes and the value of the form.
For worksheet three, participants take notes as they listen in on a joint committee meeting. The whole group discusses the meeting and the instructor displays a slide, showing a version of documented minutes and prompts a question-and-answer session about the importance of accurate, complete minutes.
The instructor will then lead discussions about various methods of organizing, sorting and filing information and documents, emphasizing how the system enables the tracking of health and safety issues from start to finish.
Editor’s Note:
During the course, instructors must inform participants that hard copy forms, reports and various documents in the participant’s manual are perforated to allow access for future use. These documents can be used as master templates, copied or modified as necessary. They are also accessible online as downloadable, interactive PDFs.

This training program is available for booking now by contacting a WHSC training service representative.