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WHSC updates Hazards of Mould Program with new Ontario guidelines

WHSC updates <i>Hazards of Mould Program</i> with new Ontario guidelines
The Workers Health & Safety Centre (WHSC) has updated their Hazards of Mould training program to include the 2010 Mould Abatement Guidelines published by the Environmental Abatement Council of Ontario (EACO).
Version 2.0 of this three-hour training program included information from 2001 Manitoba Department of Labour’s guidelines for addressing mould in the workplace. In version 3.0 the EACO guideline replaces the one from Manitoba.
While both guidelines address safe work and control measures for exposure to mould in the workplace, the EACO guideline goes a step further to include a minimum level of training for mould abatement workers. The guideline outlines the training should include classroom and site instruction and should, at a minimum, address the following topics:
  • Hazards of mould abatement;
  • Use and limitations of personal protective equipment (PPE) such  as respirators and gloves;
  • Proper abatement practices including site isolation, removal techniques, proper clean-up and decontamination procedures;
  • Other health and safety training as required by the Occupational Health & Safety Act and regulations for construction sites and waste handling and disposal.
The entire EACO guideline is outlined in resource sheet number four of the new WHSC training program. As well, the table in the participant’s manual identifying different levels of abatement along with corresponding control measures and PPE now contains information from the EACO guideline.