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WHSC updates Walking and Working Surfaces to Version 3.0

WHSC updates <i>Walking and Working Surfaces</i> to Version 3.0

Program Description

This three-hour training program addresses hazards that cause injuries when workers slip, trip or fall while walking and working on the same level, or from a height. The training is designed to provide participants with information necessary to help them identify and assess hazards associated with walking and working surfaces, and recommend control measures.
The program material is organized under the following main section headings:
  • Policy and Program
  • Scope of the Problem
  • Hazard Identification – Walking and Working Surfaces
  • Legislation
  • Hazard Assessment
  • Principles of Control
  • Controlling Hazards.

Version 3.0 Changes

Overall the program material has been edited, reorganized, expanded and updated. The following provides an overview of updated sections in the Participant’s Manual.
  • New graphic elements have been added throughout the manual to better depict some of the material.
  • A Policies and Programs section is now included at the beginning of the program. This is in keeping with the format of other WHSC hazard-specific training programs. This section is delivered when the program is the first in a suite of hazard-specific programs or when delivered as a stand-
  • The discussion on the Scope of the Problem includes new and updated statistics. This section also contains information regarding recent Ministry of Labour initiatives specific to slips, trips and falls.
  • The Legislation section has been re-written and reorganized for clarity and to comply with WHSC program format. As well, sections from the Regulations for Construction Projects and for Mines and Mining Plants have been removed as related training and information for these sectors are covered off in other programs.
  • The training program includes a new section entitled Hazard Assessment.
  • The Controlling Hazards section is now divided into two – a generic Principles of Control section and a hazard-specific Controlling Hazards section – this follows the format of other WHSC programs, again separating out generic information in the first section that is delivered once in a stream of programs or when delivered as a stand-alone.
  • Sections addressing strategies for ensuring a safe work surface and review have been deleted and are largely replaced by content in the Policy and Programs and Controls sections.
  • Resource Sheet-1, on Coefficient of Friction expands and clarifies the definition of coefficient of friction.
  • Resource Sheet-3 on Protective Footwear includes the latest information from Canadian Standards

Instructor Notes

Changes to the Instructors Notes reflect those in the Participant’s Manual.