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Supervisors oversee the work of others and can directly affect how work is performed. As such, Ontario's Occupational Health & Safety Act (the Act) requires employers to train supervisors and ensure they are familiar with the regulations that apply to the work they manage. When supervisors fail to meet their health and safety obligations, the consequences can be serious from worker injury and illness to Ministry of Labour orders and fines.

Under the Criminal Code of Canada supervisors, employers and managers can also be charged with criminal negligence and possibly jailed when they fail to protect the health and safety of workers and others in their workplace.

In a class of our own

Completing training that satisfies legal health and safety requirements is no small matter. Neither is finding the time to do so. For these reasons, the Workers Health & Safety Centre (WHSC) offers an innovative online solution to help supervisors understand and comply with their many legal responsibilities in a convenient, flexible and cost-effective way. Like all WHSC training programs, our e-class applies adult learning principles to ensure training is engaging and relevant.

Learning objectives

The objective of this program is to develop knowledge of the law and regulations that apply to supervisors. Participants will learn how to:

  • apply concepts of "supervisor", internal responsibility, due diligence and competence
  • read legislation and regulations, including sections on supervisor duties and criminal negligence
  • interact with the joint committee, especially with their inspections and investigations
  • respond to a work refusal or work stoppage
  • apply chemical control regulations including Designated Substances and WHMIS
  • interact with Ministry of Labour inspectors and respond to their orders
  • support a workplace violence and harassment prevention program.

In addition to these seven on-line modules, supervisors will join a real-time e-classroom session with a live instructor and other learners from across Ontario. All resources can be downloaded, including the full course manual.

E-class access keys can be activated any time after purchase. Once activated, by entering the course, your supervisor has unlimited e-class access for 30 days.

Upon successful completion of the seven modules, e-classroom session and forum post, WHSC issues a certificate of training and maintains student records for any future requirement.

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