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Specially-priced WHSC training offered in support of Ergonomics Month

Register today to ensure access to WHSC Ergonomic Toolbox training this October for just $20 per participant.
What: WHSC Ergonomic Toolbox training
When: Various dates in October, 2015
Where: Offered in communities across Ontario
Cost: $20 plus tax (regular price $88)
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Ergonomics is an applied science concerned with designing equipment and processes so workers can interact with their work environment pain-free. Although some workplaces have sought preventive ergonomic solutions to design work to fit the needs of workers — much work remains.
Workers are suffering pain, discomfort, even life-altering disability. These disabilities, commonly referred to as musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and repetitive strain injuries (RSIs), are the leading cause of worker injury claims and ensuing lost productivity. Both translate into significant costs for workers and employers.
Occupational Ergonomics Month, held annually in October, highlights this ongoing epidemic. Equally important, it serves to remind workplace parties that prevention is within reach.  Effective training and workplace ergonomic solutions are available.
Implementing prevention solutions, many of which can be simple and inexpensive, can also help prevent legal compliance issues with health and safety law. Ontario and Canadian health and safety legislation require employers to protect workers from workplace hazards, including those that give rise to RSIs/MSDs.
Many workplaces have turned to the WHSC for ergonomics training as an important part of their MSD workplace prevention program.
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