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Specially-priced ergonomics training supports 2016 RSI Awareness Day

Specially-priced ergonomics training supports 2016 RSI Awareness Day
Register now to ensure access to WHSC ergonomics training for just $20 per participant in support of International Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) Awareness Day.
When: February 29, 2016

Ergonomics Toolbox
Ergonomics: Injuries, Risk Factors and Design Principles
Patient Handling
Where: Communities across Ontario
Cost: $20 plus hst (regularly priced $88 or $171)
Space is limited so register today!
WHSC ergonomics training is designed to help workplace parties prepare for prevention of RSIs—the leading cause of work-related pain and injuries affecting workers in all sectors.
RSIs, also commonly known as musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), are also costly for employers in terms of higher workers compensation premiums, lost productivity and potential fines through enforcement of health and safety law.
Held annually on the last day in February, RSI Awareness Day serves to highlight the epidemic of RSIs and its unacceptable toll. Equally important, it serves to remind workplace parties prevention is within reach. In fact simple, often inexpensive ergonomic solutions may be all that is needed to prevent musculoskeletal pain and more chronic MSDs.
Each of the WHSC ergonomic programs on special offer focus on the knowledge and tools needed to help identify the working conditions and hazards responsible for musculoskeletal pain and MSDs. Equally important, this training offers essential insight into prevention solutions. This information is critical to joint health and safety committee members and representatives, workers and supervisors who all have important and legal obligations in terms of identifying, assessing and/or recommending and implementing preventive solutions.
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