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WHSCtraining: One name, three social media platforms waiting for you to weigh in

WHSCtraining: One name, three social media platforms waiting for you to weigh in
Trusted, timely, and relevant sources of information are the hallmark of Workers Health & Safety Centre social media sites. Haven’t had a chance to visit them yet? Here’s the kind of thing we have been talking about lately.
Our Facebook site features a variety of regular items such as Highlight on Hazards, You Were Asking and Cool Tools. Highlight on Hazards focuses on specific hazards workers may be exposed to in the workplace and gives a thorough overview of how to identify, assess and control that hazard for optimum results. For example, prolonged sitting has recently garnered much media attention as new studies have shown this static activity has serious adverse health effects and over time may even cause death. So, we provided links to a CBC podcast on prolonged sitting; a landmark study out of Australia; and a WHSC hazard bulletin on prolonged sitting.
You were Asking highlights inquiries workplace parties have submitted to the WHSC on a variety of health and safety issues. Here we share depersonalized answers on those concerns that may affect a broader audience. For instance, we provided our response to the question: “Are homeowners contracting work on private property deemed “constructors” under Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act?”
Meantime, our Cool Tools features posts on the latest means of assessing workplace hazards and your workplace’s progress toward their control. For example, we recently posted items on a handy “mental injury” toolkit developed by Occupational Health Clinics for Ontario Workers (OHCOW) and another developed by the U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) to help workplaces reduce hazardous chemical exposures.
WHSC’s Twitter page provides late breaking news of interest to our health and safety community. Through tweets and retweets we keep you informed of new health and safety legislation, upcoming events and much more. For instance, the growing conversation on the federal government’s budget bill and its proposed changes to health and safety law was something to “tweet about”.
Visit to our YouTube site and you will find three WHSC videos: Certification Compliance, Completing Certification, and Hazard Prevention Program. Each is aimed at demystifying the certification training process.
All these sites though are designed to spark discussion. So why not weigh in on whatever health and safety issues, experiences, or questions you might have? Like us, follow us, comment or share.  We’d love to hear from you.
Remember WHSCtraining—one name, three platforms: