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Construction company fined after worker seriously injured in fall

Construction company fined after worker seriously injured in fall
A Watford, Ontario-based construction company has been fined $50,000 after pleading guilty to failing to ensure a method of fall protection was available to workers.
As reported by the Ministry of Labour (MOL), on November 4, 2015, two workers were strapping roof trusses onto a hog barn under construction in the township of Middlesex Centre northwest of London. One of the workers stepped on a defective strap causing it to break resulting in the worker falling almost seven metres to the ground. The worker suffered critical injuries.
The workers were wearing harnesses affixed with a lanyard. However, there was no anchor point or lifeline on the roof to which the lanyard could have been connected. By law, the employer should have ensured the use of a travel restraint system, fall-restricting system, fall arrest system or safety net.
On October 2, 2017, Thompson Construction Ltd. pleaded guilty for failure to ensure the measures and procedures outlined in Section 26.1(2) of the Construction Projects Regulation (O. Reg. 213/91) were carried out in the workplace as required by Section 25(1)(c) of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Mandatory working at heights training

Beyond the legal obligation to provide adequate fall protection, a new law took effect on April 1, 2015 requiring employers to ensure untrained or inadequately trained construction workers complete a MOL-approved working at heights training program before they start work at heights and use fall protection equipment.
Employers were given a transition period for workers who, prior to April 1, 2015, met the original fall protection training requirements set out in subsection 26.2(1) of the Construction Projects Regulation. By October 1, 2017 however, employers must ensure even these workers complete an MOL-approved working at heights training program.
This initial Working at Heights training is valid for three years from the date of successful completion of an approved program. For continued compliance, employers must ensure workers they employ complete an approved WAH refresher training prior to the expiration of this three year period. Successful completion of this training will re-validate WAH training compliance for three years.

WHSC Working at Heights training

Workers Health & Safety Centre has been the leading provider of MOL-approved Working at Heights training since the new law first took effect two years ago. Our comprehensive one-day program is:
  • priced competitively ($90/person plus HST),
  • designed to ensure critical learning is achieved,
  • delivered by experienced instructors from the trades, and
  • supported by complete training records and replacement cards when needed.
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Note: WHSC will begin to schedule the new WHSC MOL-approved Working at Heights Renewal training early in 2018 in communities across Ontario. Meantime, clients wishing to schedule in-house training can begin at their earliest convenience. For details please call 1-888-869-7950 and ask to speak to a WHSC training services representative.