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WHSC releases new training program for chainsaw operators

WHSC releases new training program for chainsaw operators
Joining the extensive suite of WHSC operator training programs is the newly released Chainsaw Operator training. Others in this suite include operator training for forklifts, elevating work platforms, mini excavators, rough terrain vehicles, skid steers and industrial cranes.
The Chainsaw Operator program is designed to equip participants with a solid understanding of chainsaw features, applicable legislation, hazards, and control measures associated with chainsaw operation.
Participants to this training program will receive comprehensive knowledge and tools they can apply in work situations to help prevent chainsaw related injuries.
Delivered over six hours, the training is divided between four hours of in-class instruction and two hours of practicum.
The in-class session introduces participants to the chainsaw, its components, how they work and their part names. Participants will also discuss the nature of chainsaw related incidents as well as proper inspection, maintenance, chain tension and chain sharpening.
In discussing chainsaw and the law participants will learn what the Occupational Health and Safety Act says about duties of the employer, supervisor and worker. They will also review procedures for the right to refuse unsafe work and discuss the meaning of a “competent person” as per the Act and as it relates a chainsaw operator. As well, participants will go through sections of the construction and industrial regulations relevant to chainsaw operations.
The discussion on hazards and controls provides information about actual and potential hazards associated with chainsaw operation, along with applicable control measures. The hazards include sharp chains, noise, vibration, heat/cold stress and tree felling.
This training program delves further into chainsaw operation by addressing safe work procedures for carrying the chainsaw, making cuts and notches and working with compression and tension forces.
The practicum provides participants with an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge of safe chainsaw operation. They will go through a guided inspection of the chainsaw, practice proper start-up techniques and learn how to safely hold the chainsaw.
On successfully completing this training program the operator will receive a record of training (ROT). They will also take away a handy small-format manual as a reference for key concepts.
To enquire about booking this program, contact a WHSC training service representative.
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