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PLEASE NOTE: Given the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 crisis, WHSC has recently innovated to offer training essentials in online live, real-time virtual classrooms. For now, these and our regular online courses are the only WHSC-scheduled training options available. To sign up for currently offered training, see your options under the “Virtual Courses” or “Online Courses” tabs below.

Is your workplace a construction project or a kitchen? Do your workplace hazards run the gamut from asbestos to workplace violence? With some 200 ready-to-deliver training programs, WHSC can meet all of your workplace and hazard-specific training needs.

Need to certify your JHSC members? Have to complete competency training for forklift operators? Want to assess and control a specific workplace hazard? WHSC has all the training you need.

Search our training catalogue then register today for quality WHSC training.

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