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Employer training obligations under MOL microscope—WHSC training can help

Employer training obligations under MOL microscope—WHSC training can help
Employer obligations in terms of health and safety training are significant…and growing. And Ministry of Labour (MOL) inspectors are visiting workplaces to confirm compliance.
For instance, MOL inspectors issued almost 1,100 orders during the six month period ending January 18, 2015 calling on employers to ensure supervisors complete a health and safety awareness training program within one week of beginning work as a supervisor. They also issued more than 1,600 orders over this same period mandating employers to meet a similar obligation for worker awareness training. These obligations became law on July 1, 2014.
New working at heights and WHMIS (with GHS) training requirements will soon be an added obligation for Ontario employers. 
Many proactive employers have turned to the Workers Health & Safety Centre (WHSC) to help seek compliance. Equally important, these same employers trust that WHSC training will go beyond these legal minimums, ensure learning and lead to the implementation of prevention activities in the workplace.  

WHSC training in your community

As Ontario’s only government-designated training centre, the WHSC is dedicated to getting legally mandated and potentially life-saving health and safety training into the hands of all workplace parties.
An important part of this commitment is regularly scheduled training in more than 20 communities across Ontario throughout the year. For 2015, this includes: 
* The WHSC Supervisor Training program helps employers to meet the awareness obligation mentioned above. It also goes some way towards assisting employers as they seek to meet their more extensive obligation of ensuring supervisor “competency” [the Occupational Health & Safety Act, s. 25(2)(c)]. The WHSC also offers a similar online Supervisor Health & Safety Training program. 

WHSC training in your workplace

With WHSC-qualified trainers located in communities across Ontario, training can also be delivered in the workplace. Onsite training allows you to schedule delivery around your work schedule and specific needs.
With continued program development initiatives and an existing training catalogue in excess of 200 programs, the WHSC can help with most every training need—including those required by health and safety law. In addition to those mentioned above, these mandatory programs also include training related to: 
  • Violence and harassment 
  • Mobile equipment operators
  • Transportation of dangerous goods, and
  • Confined space entry.
Further still, employers must provide information and instruction to workers to protect their health and safety. And training is a key way employers meet this legal obligation.
The WHSC offers training to meet all of these requirements and much more. In fact, we can customize any of our existing programs or develop training specific to the needs of your workplace. 

WHSC training—get started now

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