Workers Health & Safety Centre

JHSC Certification Training


Ontario's Occupational Health and Safety Act requires every provincially regulated workplace with 20 or more employees or a designated substance on site to establish a joint health and safety committee. At least two members of this committee, one representing workers and one representing the employer, must receive approved training to become certified members. Among other things, the certification process involves:

  • Basic Certification – Part I


  • Certification training – Part II.

(It is worth noting too, Ontario will soon regulate training for worker health and safety representatives in smaller workplaces.)

Basic Certification

The WHSC Basic Certification program helps organizations provide basic training to workplace health and safety representatives and fulfill legal requirements. It meets and exceeds minimum standards set out by the Ministry and Labour and is applicable to any workplace in Ontario.

Delivered over a four-day period, this program gives participants a full understanding of occupational health and safety legislation, including rights and responsibilities of the workplace parties and certified reps in particular. Equally important, participants learn how to identify, assess and control, or better yet eliminate, workplace hazards. The training also gives participants the ability to create workplace health and safety policies and programs, access prevention resources and develop internal communications.

Certification Part II

Before joint health and safety committee members can become fully certified, they are also required to complete a second round of training, or Certification Part II training. This training must address hazards identified by a proper workplace hazard assessment. WHSC has developed more than 60 hazard-specific modules to meet this mandated training. Each module gives participants an understanding of a specific hazard, potential health and safety effects and possible control measures. To ease the process WHSC also offers Certification Part II training by sector programs.