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Workers reviewing WHSC's annual report


In a year marked by transitions in leadership and staff at Workers Health & Safety Centre (WHSC), 2021/2022 was also a time for us to reflect, reset and rebuild. Focusing on current strengths while looking to forge new paths, WHSC’s popular virtual classrooms would drive a significant rebound in numbers of persons completing training with us during the year.
This bounce back would also set us on more solid and sustainable ground financially. With this momentum we move ahead adapting to the evolving workplace landscape while solidifying our unique role as Ontario’s only government-designated health and safety training centre.

To learn more download our complete report.

Annual Report Cover ImageThe 2021/2022 Annual Report Includes:
  • Board of Directors
  • President's Report
  • Executive Director’s Report
  • Secretary-Treasurer’s Report
  • Auditor’s Report