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A woman with glasses teaches another woman at WHSC Training session.


As Ontario’s official government-designated health and safety training centre with more than 35 years experience, we work to provide essential high-quality training to workers, their representatives, supervisors, and employers, in public and private sector workplaces of every size, industry, and region of the province. Your delivery options include, in-person or online virtual classrooms, both publicly scheduled or on your timetable. Connect with us to learn more.


Suppressing silica…new tool offers exposure control blueprint

A new web-based tool aims to help assess the degree to which construction workers are exposed to hazardous silica dust and suggest task-specific exposure control plans.

Working at heights training critical to preventing deadly falls

Failing to ensure adequate fall protection is in place continues to result in worker deaths, critical injuries, and employer convictions beyond just the construction sector.

Is your JHSC fully certified or in need of the mandatory refresher?

The law, experience and research recognize the need for properly trained JHSC members. After all their powers under the law are considerable.

Training key to safer work and learning, say scholarship winners

With incidents of harassment and violence in our schools and communities mounting, tapping into the insight of students can be an important step in the pursuit of prevention.

Combatting seasonal viruses AND common indoor air pollutants

Virus season is upon us, but indoor air issues include more than viruses and many pose serious threats to worker health. The good news is there are solutions.