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A woman with glasses teaches another woman at WHSC Training session.


Our look is changing, but our aims and values remain constant.
As Ontario’s official government-designated health and safety training centre with more than 35 years experience, we work to provide essential high-quality training to workers, their representatives, supervisors, and employers, in public and private sector workplaces of every size, industry, and region of the province. Your delivery options include, in-person or online virtual classrooms, both publicly scheduled or on your timetable. Connect with us to learn more.


Shorter workweek aids worker health AND business performance, study

A growing body of evidence suggests moving from a five-day workweek to four leads to healthier, happier workers and is beneficial to organizational outcomes.

JHSC Certification training: for compliance and what matters most

Government inspectors visit tens of thousands of Ontario workplaces each year unannounced. Will they find occupational health and safety violations when they visit yours?

@WHSCtraining: New look, same trusted source

Substance must always trump style when it comes to essential services such as life-saving occupational health and safety training.

Ergonomics can aid healthy pregnancies for women welders, study

A growing body of research evidence suggests pregnant welders exposed to common welding hazards are at risk of suffering adverse pregnancy outcomes including fetal loss.

Redefining workplace mental health with training and solutions

Mentally healthy workplaces are no longer a nice-to-have, but an absolute necessity. The last few years have taught us this much and more.