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Is your JHSC fully certified? We can help you quickly comply.

Has your joint health and safety committee completed Certification Parts I, II and Refresher training within three years? If not, your JHSC is not legally certified. We can help.

Having a fully certified JHSC will not only help you avoid fines, but it can also bolster your workplace’s capacity to create safer, healthier work. How is this achieved? Workplace JHSC’s, and certified members in particular, have considerable legal powers to help identify, assess and control, if not always eliminate workplace hazards. In exercising these powers JHSCs can support workplace health and safety programs and employers’ ultimate responsibility for safeguarding workers.

To ensure certified JHSC members can fulfill their important role in workplace health and safety prevention efforts they must complete comprehensive training.

Workers Health & Safety Centre offers the very training you need and will want for your JHSC to be effective, competent, and confident in carrying out all of their legal powers and duties.


Training for compliance

In Ontario, most workplaces with 20 or more workers or where a regulation concerning a designated substance applies must have a JHSC made up of at least one worker and one employer member.

The Occupational Health and Safety Act requires at least two members of a JHSC – one worker and one manager – complete Part I and II of a Certification training program approved by the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Skills Development’s Chief Prevention Officer (CPO) in order to become certified. Certification Part II must be taken within 12 months of completing Part I. To remain certified, members must successfully complete Certification Refresher training every three years. Many employers recognize the critical role played by the entire JHSC and ensure all are certified and remain so.

As Ontario’s government-designated training centre and a CPO-approved training provider, Workers Health & Safety Centre (WHSC) has scheduled JHSC Certification Part I, Part II and Refresher courses throughout the summer online in our virtual real-time classrooms along with in-person opportunities in communities across Ontario.

All WHSC courses, whether virtual or in-person, are led by highly qualified and experienced instructors helping to ensure critical learning is achieved. All courses are built upon a hazard-based approach giving workplace representatives the knowledge and skills to proactively identify and assess unsafe and unhealthy working conditions and make recommendations to control, if not, eliminate them.


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