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Safer commuting during COVID-19 is next WHSC webinar on offer June 4

The daily commute to work is a well-known stressor for many workers. Now this grinding routine includes anxiety about exposures to COVID-19 while travelling to and from work.
We are a nation of commuters. A Statistics Canada study based on 2016 census data, reports 1.5 million Canadians spent at least 60 minutes commuting to work (defined as a long commute). The number of workers with a long commute increased by nearly five per cent since 2011. While the majority commuted by car (57 per cent), nearly 40 per cent used public transit.
As workplaces reopen, and even with offers of compressed work weeks or flexible work hours, much anxiety remains over how to get to and from work safely during the current pandemic. Governments, employers and workers alike can help reduce the spread of the disease and make commuting safer especially for those travelling to work by public transit. But travel by company or personal vehicle, bicycle or on foot also has its issues. And even then, the journey to and from work may include an elevator ride or use of change and locker rooms.

Examining these challenges and identifying possible solutions to ensure safer commuting to work is the subject of the next free webinar in the WHSC Confronting COVID-19 series. 

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Commuting during COVID-19: Ensuring worker safety. 
Thursday, June 4, 11:00 am to 11:30 am

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