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WHSC student scholarship contest DEADLINE Friday, June 7

Do you know a high school senior interested in winning a scholarship based on their understanding of workplace health and safety and their activism at school or in the community?
Open to high school students headed for post-secondary education, this contest is primarily designed to help raise awareness among this group of new and young workers of key occupational health and safety rights, responsibilities and principles. It also aims to help dispel the myth that careless worker behaviour cause traumatic fatalities and injuries, or the significant incidence of occupational disease.
Applicants for the 19th annual WHSC Student Scholarship Contest must write an essay considering the reasons why workers new to a workplace or assigned new tasks face a far greater risk of injury than experienced workers. Further, we ask them to share the steps they would take, if they were an employer, to ensure the safety of new or newly assigned workers.
In addition to the essay, applicants must share something of their contributions to the quality of life in their school and community, both in their own words and in a letter of recommendation from a teacher, other educator or representative of a community organization.

The two top submissions will be awarded $2,000 scholarships honouring the memory of WHSC founder, Clifford Pilkey, and long-serving WHSC board member, Fred Upshaw. Up to three additional scholarships of $1,000 will be awarded to students whose submissions merit recognition.
SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Friday, June 7, 4:00 pm

Those responding should read the scholarship rules and application form very carefully. Winners will be announced in fall 2019 through various WHSC media channels.
Please note: No portion of the government grants from employer WSIB assessments or WHSC revenue generation support this initiative.
To learn more:
Visit:  WHSC Student Scholarships 
Call:   1-888-869-7950