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CSA releases new safety standard for lift trucks

Worker driving a lift truck in a warehouse
The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) has released a third edition of their safety standard for lift trucks.

The new CSA Safety Standard B335-15 is a comprehensive document which specifies the essential elements of a lift truck safety program as well as the requirements of lift truck design and construction, maintenance and inspection, safe operation and operator training. It also outlines recommended qualifications for trainers and maintenance technicians.

The CSA B335-15 replaces two previous standards and will be used as a guide in the enforcement of federal, and provincial health and safety legislation and directives concerning lift trucks. This new edition has also been updated and harmonized with design, classification, and maintenance requirements of the American standards (ANSI/ITSDF B56.1 and ANS/ITSDF B56.6).

Some of the significant changes and additions made from the 2nd edition are as follows:
  • Expanded requirements for facility design;
  • Enhanced requirements for aisle ways and obstructions;
  • Further direction on the selection of lift trucks;
  • Enhanced requirements for operator compartment guards;
  • More specific requirements for pre-operation inspections;
  • Guidance on conducting risk assessments; and
  • Additions to operator qualifications.

Training provision changes

Clause 6 of the Standard, provides minimum requirements for initial and ongoing familiarization and upgrade training in the operation of lift trucks including any of their attachments. Numerous changes have been made to the training provisions so as to correspond with changes made to the operation, safety, inspection and maintenance provisions throughout the Standard.
The most substantial change with respect to training however has been made to the retraining provisions (Clause 6.21). Operators retraining every three years is still recommended, but, mid-term evaluations are no longer included in the standard. This said, the Workers Health & Safety Centre (WHSC) will continue to offer mid-term evaluations as a service to our clients.

Comprehensive WHSC forklift training

Designed to help workplaces meet and exceed the CSA lift truck standard, WHSC also offers an 8-hour health and safety program for workers who operate powered lift trucks (Classes 1 to 5).  The program includes formal classroom learning, as well as a supervised practical hands-on component with the specific lift truck the worker will use, and an evaluation by an authorized instructor who observes actual work performance. The WHSC offers a similar program for operators of rough terrain forklifts.
Further, the WHSC offers a three-hour forklift truck program designed to acquaint joint health and safety committees and other workplace representatives with forklift operation, selection and related legislation and standards, like CSA 335-15.
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